Nicotine Salts for Pods

Pod systems and Nicotine salts explained: Why are they so popular?

In the last 3 years, the vaping industry has switched trends in many ways, in 2018 we had a rise in the popularity of dual coil rda’s and cloud chasing, but the industry is slowly coming back to its roots, a more relaxed vaping where single coil rda’s and pod systems are the best sellers.

The vaping industry it’s known for having companies copying other companies work over and over again, but this situation has gone really bad since the pod systems got popular, as we’ve all seen Juul taking over the market and companies trying to replicate its success, some with more luck than others, like the caliburn, from Uwell, that was and still is one of the best pod systems available worldwide, and we think the caliburn deserves all the praise. Uwell took inspiration from the Juul, a closed based system (When Pods come already full of liquid, and you cannot refill them) and took it to the next level releasing it with different colors, a bigger battery, a firing button, a more widely available micro USB port for charging (The Juul has it’s own port) and the ability to fill the pod with your own Liquid and nicotine strength, allowing the user to refill the pod several times like you would do with any vape kit or rebuildable.

The caliburn is only one of the many pod systems that took inspiration from other companies designs, but why did the industry took an 180 turn from what we thought would be the standard for years to come, cloud chasing? Well we have our reasons:

1- Easy of use: Not only the Juul but the entirety of the pod system market is targeted for a public that wants to vape and nothing more, no more coil building or adjusting the power of the mod, you just have to fill the pod, wait 10 minutes and vape, it’s a fool proof segment of the vaping market and one of the biggest reasons the pod trend is so big.

2- Nicotine salts: We’ve talked a lot about pod systems, but.. What goes inside? Well even though a lot of people fill their pods with free base nicotine eLiquids, the majority of the pod’s designed today are intended to be used with nicotine salts, a less harsh nicotine type developed through chemical investigation that causes a more enjoyable, flavorful vape maintaining a high nicotine level, in some countries without limit where you can see 40, 50mg/ml nicotine salts even in 30ml bottles or like in Europe, where due to the TPD law the maximum nicotine that a 10ml bottle can contain it’s 20mg/ml, and altough we don’t agree with a lot of the TPD’s terms, we find that limiting the amount of nicotine in nic salt liquids it’s good, because we have all seen the problems vaping is facing in the United States due to kids getting addicted to 50mg/ml nicotine salts, a high amount even for an adult, that can cause devastating effects on a high-schooler.

3- Price: As long as you don’t look for the best of the best, you can find pod systems for around 25€ + the liquid, which is a very low price for a fully functional vaping kit considering that a dual battery mod with a tank can go for around 80-100€ if you don’t go high end which increases the price even more, so we find the increase in demand of pod systems is very natural.

4- Portability: Pod devices are light, that’s a fact, and if you are a cloud chaser you know that you have to carry a lot of weigh just in the mod itself, add to that a 60 or 120ml bottle and you’ve got a very heavy combo.

So.. Are you looking to switch to a pod system? If your answer is a yes, we have a deal for you!

Get one of the best pod systems, the caliburn, for 26’90€, an steal considering the price of other systems like the Juul.

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