Drip More e-Liquids Review

On this occasion we bring you the review of a range of liquids that is hitting very hard in the Spanish market, we talk about the liquids of the North American brand Drip More.

The three liquids that we are going to review are very different liquids from each other, one, it is a sweet fruit that will transport you to childhood, the second is a well-known dessert in the world of vaping, although for us Drip More has managed to create its best version, and finally we will see one of the most risky bets of Drip More with a secret ingredient that although it is peculiar, it makes the liquid not just another fresh fruity one.

These liquids and most of the liquids manufactured by Drip More come in a 120ml bottle with 100ml of liquid for you to add 2 nic shots to leave it to the nicotine you want, or to fill them with a base without nicotine to finish filling the bottle, since they come prepared to be filled, either with nicotine or without.

The first of the liquids is perhaps the simplest of the three, but that does not mean that it is a bad liquid, in fact, it is one of the best we have tried this year, since this liquid does not seek to be just another sweet peach, it wants to resemble the typical heart-shaped or ring-shaped gummy, with orange colors that are usually covered with sugar. And it achieves this in a brilliant way, we are talking about the Peachy Rings, from the Candy King range, in which we find a candy-like sweetness when inhaling, and when exhaling, is when we begin to notice the peach and its sweet and even slightly acidic notes, which make it taste exactly like the typical candy.

Now we will talk about a liquid that has been very liked in our store, since it improves one of the recipes that have been more replicated in the world of vaping, we are talking about Cereal, from the Milk King range, a bowl of milk with fruity cereals, and we believe that the liquid tastes exactly like that, one of the most accurate milk representations in vaping accompanied by the best recreation of the Fruit Loops cereals that we have tried, creamy on inhalation and fruity on exhalation. , delicious.

And finally we have the Cucumber Cooler, the liquid that we liked the most due to its innovation, since it incorporates cucumber as an ingredient, very little seen in the world of vaping and when used, it does not tend to be a very good liquid… This is not the case of the Cucumber Cooler, which claims to be a refreshing cocktail of watermelon and lime juice accompanied by a touch of cucumber, and in this case the description is true to the feeling it gives us when vaping it, when we inhale we find a sweet watermelon with an acid touch that comes from that lime juice (All accompanied by a very pleasant freshness, especially now, in this summer climate.) and it is when we exhale that we find that cucumber that gives it a different touch and makes it a premium e-liquid. For us it is one of the liquids to consider this summer, we know that cucumber is not the first ingredient that comes to mind when we talk about a vaping liquid, but try it and you will see that Drip More knows what they do, and they do it perfectly.

We hope you liked the review of these three liquids of the Drip More brand, a brand that is gaining more and more followers in Spain and that at the moment everything they present seems like a marvel to us.

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